Care Instructions

  1. Remove article of KLeN Laundry from body, hamper or from the end of the bed.
  2. Open the washing machine. (It’s a box looking machine with a small door in the front or top.)
  3. Throw KLeN Laundry into machine. To save water, please add other dirty items to make a complete load. (dogs and porn DVD’s are not recommended)
  4. Turn dial to “gentle” cycle, much like how you’d like to be rocked to sleep, and then press start. (Skip to step 6: if you don’t have a front loading machine)
  5. Pull up a chair, grab a cold one and watch your KLeN Laundry spin around.
  6. Remove your KLeN Laundry from the washing machine and put it into the dryer. (If you don’t have a dryer then ask the cute girl next door to use hers. If you don’t have a cute girl next door, then get yourself a clothesline and hang dry your KLeN Laundry in the front yard – the neighbors love stuff like that.)
  7. Set dryer to “tumble dry low”. (This means it uses just enough energy to get your socks dry and not enough to burn your fingers if you’re drying other items with a button or zipper.)
  8. Remove your KLeN Laundry from the dryer and either fold or wear.

We would like to thank you for supporting the cause and staying KLeN.
We appreciate you, and so do all the other people who have to smell you.